Chianti Classico Wine production & Farmhouse

The Bandini family has been investing for over 50 years in the typical character of its products. Maintaining a traditional style is the philosophy that accompanies their way to do agriculture. The company always tries to achieve the most out of its products, in line with its technical, economic resources and potentials. The variability of seasons, the pedoclimatic characteristics (terroir), the working techniques allow to obtain a product linked to all the above, therefore never the name but always with its own peculiarities. It is much easier to “make up” a wine similar to specific models rather than conferring it a character that binds it to a particular winemaker, a precise area and vintage variability. Therefore Oliviera wines are the result of a traditional processing of grapes without excessive technological expedients. Its scents and flavours are those that the sun and soils are able to convey, warm, fruity and enveloping; with this wine, the idea of simple, healthy and authentic is combined to that of refined knowledge, opposed to standardizing sensations without satisfying the so called “international taste”. We want to conceive wine as a form of pleasure and grasp its meaning within the culture of its territory and sensations onset from sharing.